Thorsten Leupold

Director Chemicals and Technical Consumables

Thorsten Leupold studied industrial chemistry at the University of Münster. He then gained first work experience in the field of Corporate Development / M&A in a leading specialty chemicals company.

In the year 2012, Thorsten Leupold joined Schlegel und Partner as a Consultant. From 2015 he supervised the Chemistry team as Senior Consultant. He was appointed director of the department for Chemicals and Technical Consumables in 2018.

Thorsten Leupold’s professional focus results from his studies and work experience in the field of chemistry as well as M&A. In the chemical context, this particularly comprises the markets for adhesives, coatings and additives for a large number of end uses. In M&A he focuses especially on M&A Advisory and Commercial Due Diligence for Private Equity.

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