What customers really want

Listening to the voice of your customer means making a significant investment in the long-term success of your business.
What do your customers think about your company, your products and services? What are their expectations and wishes? Which instruments do you hold in your hands - on both a small and a large scale?

What successes might this entail? What if you do not listen in time?

How are you positioned compared to competitors? What are they doing better? What role do new competitors play?

We understand industrial players and speak their language, which makes us a competent listener and interpreter of your customers’ needs – objective and unbiased.

Case studies

Global customer loyalty study for a manufacturer of operating supplies
  • Global survey on customer satisfaction and loyalty, contact points and loyalty drivers were analyzed to identify approaches that strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Based on the results, global measures were derived to improve customer relationships.
Customer satisfaction analysis for a supplier of textiles
  • Amid ongoing restructuring and plans to revise the product portfolio, data regarding customer satisfaction was selected in Central Europe and Central Asia.
  • Particular focus was on the analysis of satisfaction and expectations regarding products and services, special emphasis was placed on individual conversations with customers.
  • Particularly for the Asian region, potential for improvement was derived regarding sales activities and training of sales staff.
Online check of customer satisfaction conducted for a company group in the mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing segment
  • A global online survey was conducted among around 25,000 B2B contacts in order to record current perception and market sentiment for the individual business units.
  • Besides satisfaction with operational business criteria, also image aspects, market positioning and loyalty aspects were analyzed.
  • As a direct consequence, measures were taken at individual customer level on the basis of loyalty indices and additional root cause analysis.
  • As a reaction to the results, a central function was created for the entire group to further strengthen customer relations with the help of a close monitoring.
Customer satisfaction analysis with focus on value selling
  • Following a change of organizational structure, the status quo of customer satisfaction was surveyed in face-to-face and telephone interviews for a globally active mechanical engineering company.
  • The aim was to develop a value proposition for the sales team that allows for a better positioning of products and services at customers and for a premium price.

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