Seizing the opportunities of a digitally transformed world

Smart things, AI and fit for future
What are the consequences of digitalization for your company? What concepts and strategies can you use to meet the challenges? What opportunities are opening up for you?

We examine your digital requirements, competencies and development potential and investigate the digital readiness of your markets as well as the needs and expectations of your customers.

Case studies

  • Strategic analysis of megatrends and derivation of their influence on core business areas of a global player
  • Impact of connected car and autonomous driving on the development and design of the automotive powertrain
  • Identification of innovative business models (including decentralized production, eCommerce) for a player in construction chemicals
  • Identification and evaluation of acquisition candidates with business in predictive maintenance for an international mechanical engineering company
  • Analysis of applications for laser scanners in the global market for highly automated driving

Contact person
Dr. Thorsten Böhn
Partner, Director Life Science
+49 6201 9915 79
Contact person
Dr. Helmut Weldle
Director Methods and Interaction
+49 6201 9915 52