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Valuable market insights about competitors, their products and strategies.
You want to make well-founded strategic decisions? Distinguish yourself in the market and set yourself apart from competitors? Draw important conclusions from benchmarking your own company with peers?

Case studies

Determination of the strategic and operational positioning compared to competitors in a segment of the specialty chemicals market
  • A leading supplier of specialty chemicals was in the run-up to the strategy development process for the following years. In this context, an in-depth analysis of the positioning of the most important competitors was lacking. The analysis should be conducted globally, addressing multiple sub-segments, regions and corporate functions.
  • Based on the results, the customer defined around 300 sub-targets to strengthen the position against competitors by sub-segment, region and corporate function.
Competitive analysis in the nonwovens market in order to sustainably strengthen the strategic position
  • The client felt the structural changes in the market: margins were shrinking, established companies were disappearing and new players were establishing themselves in the market.
  • Accordingly, the competitive analysis should help to identify opportunities for differentiation.
  • Based on the profound expertise in the nonwovens sector, Schlegel und Partner compiled initial hypotheses which were discussed in detail with the customer's experts.
  • Reasons for success and failure of the competitors were pointed out. Based on that our client was able to maintain a strong position in the market in the following years.
Benchmarking analysis in the chemical distribution sector as input for organizational focusing
  • The chemical industry is currently undergoing change. The increasing degree of complexity, particularly in marketing and sales, is significantly reducing margins in the specialty chemicals sector. An increasingly observed solution to this trend is a stronger shift of sales activities to internal and external distributors.
  • Our customer recognized this trend, but wanted to have a benchmark analysis carried out in this area to compare their own efforts with those of the competitors to get new stimuli.
  • The trend towards increased business with distributors was confirmed, but a much more differentiated picture by specific product group and countries was revealed.
  • The customer used this input to prioritize its sales activities and to refine its sales strategy in Europe.

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