Sustainability # Act now for a better future


Act now for a better future


Sustainability has been on our agenda for many years. Together with our customers, we develop sustainability goals and implement these into strategies and action plans.
We support sustainable sourcing and the development of viable concepts for recycling and circular economy along the entire value chain. We identify markets for sustainable products and services (including business models and business plans). We support the reporting of sustainability activities and examine the expectations and wishes of stakeholders regarding the sustainability of companies.

Exemplary study topics:

  • Megatrends deep dive sustainability and impacts for targets and strategy of a large industrial manufacturer
  • Climate targets and strategies of OEM in recycling, waste reduction, alternative / bio-based materials, alternative powertrains and material efficiency
  • Green energy sourcing options through PPA in Europe, North America, and in Asia
  • Identification and evaluation of potential suppliers for more sustainable materials
  • CO2-reduction business model in raw material sourcing for breweries
  • Willingness-to-pay and market entry points for a novel CCU material
  • Update on recent business activities of a competitor in the production of sustainable materials
  • Influence of the Green Deal on future Livestock Farming ecosystem
  • Sustainability reporting at selected industrial suppliers as an input for the development of a novel reporting system
  • Corporate Social Responsibility industry benchmarks
  • Sustainability indicators: green technologies, renewable energy,
  • CO2 footprint
  • Stakeholder perception survey of sustainability activities of an industrial company

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Dr. Thorsten Böhn
Partner, Director Life Science
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Thorsten Leupold
Partner, Director Chemicals
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