Grounded Insights for High-flying Outcomes

Schlegel und Partner – Your Market Insighters®

Schlegel und Partner is the marketing research and consultancy company for technology-focused fields. For 25 years, we have been delivering valuable analyses and insights – opening up new horizons and opportunities for a global clientele.

As business growth consultants, we specialize in client-specific business-to-business market research and consultancy for complex products. We ferret out opportunities and expose risks within existing markets and identify new material, product, or client potential.

We provide the “missing link” between market research and strategic consultancy. We go to new lengths to provide our customers with a firm foundation for strategic and operational decision making to attain their goals.

We transform information into knowledge and knowledge into strategy

Market Research
Data collection, Analysis, Evaluation

We generate in-depth knowledge about global markets
– permitting you to stay abreast of industry trends and opportunities,
and to better understand your market environment:
A firm basis for wise decision making.

Goal setting, Strategy, Concept development

Our consultancy is always methodologically based,
strategically competent
and goal-oriented:
Because your goals
are our goals.

Monitoring, Reviewing, Performance measurement

We accompany you
every step of the way
when it comes to putting
your goals into action and
implementing your decisions:
To successfully turn
your vision into reality.


As dependable partners and
Your Market Insighters® we provide you
with transparency and certainty for
your strategic decisions.



We focus on high-tech
industries. Market research for
complex products
is our specialty.



We provide the "missing link"
between market research and consultancy.
Benefit from our broad-based expertise.