Battery # Energy generation, storage and application


Energy generation, storage and application

Energy storage and battery technologies

We have a deep understanding of technical market issues to develop business opportunities along the entire value chain and deliver valid and resilient results with a tailored approach for our global customers.

Exemplary study topics:

  • Technology perspectives and quantitative market potential of the global energy mix up to 2050
  • Market opportunities for wind and solar power, hydropower and LNG
  • M&A targets for thermal management components and systems within BEVs
  • Opportunities in end-of-life battery recycling and business case of LIB recycling
  • Potential of supercaps and flywheels as storage solutions
  • Battery testing needs for R&D
  • Batteries in mobility beyond PassCar
  • Business models for battery recycling and 2nd-life batteries as stationary storage devices

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