Circularity # To ensure that sustainability does not rotate on the spot #


To ensure that sustainability does not rotate on the spot


We provide directional support to our customers and meet challenges with clear recommendations for feasible next steps and new business models. Our clients are from the chemical, metal, automotive, electrical and battery recycling industries. We answer global questions on new materials, products and their design, as well as sustainable circulatory systems.

Exemplary study topics:

  • Circularity of batteries: benchmarking of competing recycling technologies, their individual cost position and assessment of companies
  • Circularity of polymers: analysis of polymer flows and identification of business opportunities for a large chemical player
  • Circularity of polyurethane foam: analysis of the future market, assessment of unmet needs and enablers, benchmarking of competing recycling technologies and identification of entry points through a market strategy
  • Assessment of the impact of downstream sustainability trends, actions by large companies and regulatory environment on the various business lines of a large chemical company
  • Identification of business opportunities and investment targets in the field of additives for polymer recycling
  • Opportunities in the European market for wood recycling

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Thorsten Leupold
Partner, Director Chemicals
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Dr. Annika Trümpler
Executive Partner
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Sebastian Lüttig
Partner, Director Mobility and Transportation
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Dierk Plümer
Executive Partner
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