Our Team – International, Interdisciplinary, Innovation Savvy

The Team

The Schlegel und Partner team consists of over 50 employees from over 20 countries. With the common goal of creating innovative perspectives for our clients, we strive to provide insights that are crucial for the decision-making process. Each one of our consultants speaks several languages and has a profound knowledge about his or her home markets.

We think globally but act locally!

And that is precisely how we are able to create synergies while still operating out of a single location. Worldwide research, analysis and interviews are our daily bread, as is interdisciplinary cooperation. We are resolved to keep things moving forward for our clients. That is what we are here for.
Together at one location.

Every Future Has a Heritage

Our zeal for technology dates back to our very beginnings. Schlegel und Partner was established in 1992 by four partners with extensive international industry experience as an MBO from the global industrial company, Freudenberg. Five shareholders head up our international teams today. And the passion for technical challenges lives on.

Outstandingly Qualified and Highly Motivated

A sound educational background in economics, engineering, social sciences, psychology, statistics, chemistry or physics is merely the starting point for an ongoing learning process, for a constant exchange of ideas with the scientific and research community, and for development of a broad holistic approach.

The Growth Consultants

Dr. Katja Flascha

Executive Partner

Dierk Plümer

Executive Partner

Dr. Annika Trümpler

Executive Partner

Holger Richter

Partner, Director
Sales Automotive and Technology

Sebastian Lüttig

Director Automotive and Transportation

Ursula Hosselmann

Director Engineering Markets

Dr. Thorsten Böhn

Director Materials

Dr. Helmut Weldle

Director Methods and Communication

Thorsten Leupold

Director Chemicals and Technical Consumables