Dr. Helmut Weldle

Director Methods and Communication

Dr. Helmut Weldle studied cognitive and linguistic sciences as well as cultural studies. In 2011, he was granted a doctorate in cognitive sciences by the Institute of Information Technology and Society in Freiburg. Upon joining Schlegel und Partner as a Consultant, he assumed the position of Assistant Director of the Corporate Communications and Culture department in 2012. From 2013, Dr. Helmut Weldle headed the newly established department Methods and Statistics. Since the merger of the two divisions in 2016, Dr. Weldle now heads the comprehensive department Methods and Communication.

His work chiefly consists of quantitative surveys and multivariate methods. He supervises Voice of the Customer analyses, employee and stakeholder surveys, product / pricing studies as well as studies on image, brand and communication. He is also responsible for conducting hybrid online data collection and conjoint analyses.

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