Greta ‘present’ at the AABC 2020

14 February 2020

One thing becomes clear at this year's Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Wiesbaden: sustainability and decarbonization have reached the battery industry on a broad scale.

While in previous years the topics of power density, costs, and "next generation batteries" dominated the conference agenda, the focus is now on a holistic view of e-mobility and its required energy storages.

Of course, the earlier topics continue to play an important role, but they are moving to the second line compared to keywords such as circular economy, recycling, sustainability, well-to-wheel, cradle-to-grave, social responsibility, renewable energy, sector coupling, real CO2 advantage of BEVs or 'Greta effect'.

Increased attention is also being paid to plans and initiatives for increased value creation through cell production and lithium mining in Europe.

There are no real doubts about the continued strong market growth predicted for lithium-ion batteries, despite the dip in sales in China and the resurgent call for the fuel cell.

This is reflected, among other things, in the investments to further optimize the large-scale production of cells and standardized battery packs, as well as in the further increasing requirements and solutions for battery safety.

Although the market is still characterized by numerous variations on battery design, and technological competition is alive and kicking, many OEMs are now on the threshold of equipping the coming large-volume electric vehicle models with inexpensive, powerful, safe and sustainable storage systems and must set the appropriate course – if they have not already done so.

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