Marpol 2018 - How will new environmental regulations affect the base oils & lubricants industry?

06 December 2018

Silke Brand-Kirsch spoke at ICIS Conference

In her talk at ICIS Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, Silke Brand-Kirsch outlined the likely effects of Marpol 2020 on marine fuels, base oils and lubricant formulations.
The new emission limits for marine fuels will increase the costs for shippers and shift the parts of the demand for group I base oil into other groups. HSFO will continue to be the most important marine fuel since shippers plan to invest strongly in scrubber technology, but some will also expand their usage of MGO and other low- or sulphur-free content products. Being more flexible in using different fuel types related to entering ECA to balance at least parts of the cost increase will also lead to in situ blending of lubricants and a growing demand for “one fits all”. There is still no monitoring or enforcement plan in place that will force shippers to comply in open waters which is a major retarder of the implementation.

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Silke Brand-Kirsch
Executive Partner

Sebastian Lüttig at the IAA 2019

IAA in a nutshell - Rückblick und Kommentar zur Internationalen Automobil-Ausstellung 2019

Weniger Aussteller, schwindende Besucherzahlen… über den vermeintlich unausweichlichen Niedergang der IAA ist in den Medien bereits vielfach berichtet worden. Nicht zu Unrecht, wenn man bedenkt, dass Marken, die sich für über 40% der in Europa produzierten Fahrzeuge verantwortlich zeigen, nicht mit eigenen Ständen vertreten waren. Grund genug für uns, deshalb einige Aspekte etwas näher zu betrachten.


Appointment as Senator

Dr. Katja Flascha appointed member of the German Senate of Economy

The Senate of Economy promotes Germany as business location in the interest of the common good at national and international levels. Core topics are a forward-looking, livable economic society, sustainability for people, nature and the environment, ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and compliance in business, politics and society.

The Senate of Economy is committed to the goals of the United Nations with all its sub-organizations, the World Trade Point Federation, the Global Compact and the Code of Ethics of the German Business Ethics Association (EVW).



China leads in public digitalization, while its industry is still lagging behind

Chinese companies are overtaking the rest of the world when it comes to digitalizing everyday life through high-tech innovation. Now, that China is also moving towards digitalizing its industries, German 4.0 industrial companies should grab these opportunities quickly.



12. Mannheimer Mittelstandsmesse an der FH Mannheim

Zum dritten Mal in Folge vergab Schlegel und Partner das Mittelstand-Stipendium an junge Wirtschaftsingenieure der FH Mannheim und fördert damit Talente der Zukunft. Seit 2018 ist dem auch ein Mentoring Programm angeschlossen.



Dr. Vysakh Prasad at the European Coatings Show and Conference 2019

The ECS discussed various innovative and relevant topics for the coatings industry.