The electric powertrain is at the beginning of its development

The electric powertrain is at the beginning of its development
Never before have more concepts for electric machines been developed and presented than in the last ten years. Although the electric motor has been known for over a hundred years, it seems to be just now at the beginning of its development. This is due to several factors.
The development of control devices, in parallel with the development of semiconductors for computers, has only in recent years risen to a level that enables the efficient dynamic operation of electric machines. The introduction of SiC and GaN has led to the highly efficient operation of high voltage technology with reduced internal resistance at higher temperatures, helping to limit cooling power and increase overall efficiency.

The economic manufacturing technology of electric machines with highest power density has been advanced by new "winding processes". Analysis of system efficiencies over the operating cycle in various operating conditions has brought focus to the "real world" efficiency of electric drives. At the same time, battery technology has provided the framework to move vehicles "in real life" at affordable costs with acceptable ranges.

Consistently, we will see more new electric drive concepts that have both higher power density and higher real-world efficiencies, and largely eliminate the need for expensive and rare raw materials.

Whether these are single- or multi-gear solutions will essentially depend only on the application.

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