EV stations are shifting into a new smart era

UC at fair
One trend is pretty clear - only a cross-sector joint approach can bring the industry towards its desired EVs and CO2 targets.
Big Tier 1's are collaborating with electronics and home-appliance companies to develop more user-friendly smart charging wall-boxes. The unpredictable energy prices even start laying the foundation for photovoltaic cells and intelligent energy storage systems at home for charging EVs.

Latest future-proof designs for fleet, DC fast charging, HPC, and load management are also earning huge attention. Makers not only want to promote the stations but strive to deliver added value to all stakeholders.

The most significant short-term barrier is the global supply-chain issues. Due to shortages of critical materials, DC fast chargers' waiting time has reached a minimum of 15 months, which was just six weeks before pre-covid times.

However, the new ideas for future adoptions, including combined charging and parking billing system and a grid-friendly design with photovoltaics and buffer storage, make total sense concerning future targets.

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