Is China still a viable location for business growth?

Is China still a viable location for business growth?

Despite ongoing discussions about decoupling tendencies, leading German companies are still increasing their investments in China. This leads us to the question: What are market opportunities in China, where can business thrive in the upcoming years?
Venturing into the Chinese market can be challenging, but it can also bring great opportunities. For European companies, seeking to broaden their customer base and boost revenue, China is still a potentially lucrative market. However, navigating this market can be difficult, especially for those who are lacking the necessary resources or experience to understand the complex cultural and regulatory landscape. Language barriers, differences in business practices, and consumer preferences can hinder European companies in developing and maintaining strong relationships with Chinese partners and customers.

For more than 30 years, SuP gained experience in exploring various market opportunities in China. Our expertise involves developing market entry strategies and identifying potential areas of growth across industries such as engineering, chemical, automobile, and nonwoven.
In addition to our proficiency in language, we possess a deep understanding of technologies as well as business goals, we assist our clients along the value chain by identifying potential customers and assessing market possibilities.

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