Agricultural and construction machinery trends justify a positive outlook

06 December 2016

European construction machinery manufacturers are optimistic about the future and expect an annual growth rate of five to six percent by 2020. Growing markets outside of Europe are the main reason for this trend.

In the future, agricultural and construction machinery will not only become even larger and more powerful, but also more compactly built and flexible. In addition to a further increase in energy efficiency through fuel savings and increasing productivity, the development of machines that satisfy individual customer requirements is paramount.
Improvement of user friendliness and industrial safety is also in focus. This includes comfort-optimized and visually-optimized cabins for agricultural and construction machinery or cameras mounted on the front attachment of agricultural machinery which give the driver in the cabin an early view of cross traffic.

Generally, digitization is becoming more and more common in the agricultural and construction machinery segment. Factory-installed automatic controls which allow chain excavators to excavate accurately or self-propelled harvesters to operate autonomously are no longer just utopian visions but are actually being tested in practice. The aftermarket business, consisting of service and maintenance, is also becoming more important. After a sales decline in recent years, agricultural machine manufacturers are again expecting modest sales growths from 2017 onwards. In addition to a recovery of the European markets, the export and spare parts markets also play an important role here.

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