North America

The USA maintains its status as one of the most flexible economies in the world, able to react promptly to cyclical and structural changes in the market. Foreign companies are thus often required to adapt to a pace faster than in their home markets. Despite the decline of oil prices, the USA will maintain its strategic goal of energy self-sufficiency and will remain an attractive location, especially for energy intensive industries.
Canada is advancing the diversification of its economic structure and reducing its dependency on volatile commodity markets. The Canadian immigration policy encourages high potentials to migrate to the country, which is also beneficial for the industrial sector.

For successful B2B market research, the cultural differences between Canada and the USA, as well as within the United States, should not be underestimated. Market exploration especially calls for a representative sample of contacted companies among all regions. Spanish language skills are also becoming more important for interviews. In Canada, interviews must also occasionally be conducted in French. Identifying and connecting with the right contact person is particularly challenging. Over the course of many projects, Schlegel und Partner is proficient in working in North America and has built an extensive network of important contacts in North America.

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