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Competitor Analyses

Are you on the pursuit of knowledgeable, strategically based decisions? How about an effective way to distinguish yourself and outshine competitors? Or would you like to learn from the success and mistakes of others to draw benefits for your own business?

We provide you with valuable market insight about your competitors, their products and their strategies.

Selection of project examples:

Determination of the strategic and operative positioning of competitors within the specialty chemistry industry
  • In preparation for a strategy development process, a leading supplier of specialty chemicals required increased knowledge about their major strategic competitors. The analysis was designed on a global scope across multiple subsegments, regions and functions.
  • SuP conducted expert interviews with competitors throughout the entire value chain. This enabled a representation of strategic positioning in comparison to competitors on multiple levels and throughout various regions.
  • The research results were discussed with the client to find the best strategic positioning. Further key findings were also discussed and specific recommendations for action were given.
  • On the basis of the results, the client formulated some 300 further sub-objectives in order to strengthen their position against competitors specifically per subsegment, region and function.
Competitor analysis in the nonwoven market towards a sustainable strengthening of strategic position
  • The contracting company ranks among the leaders of the nonwoven market. They were experiencing considerable structural changes within the market: sinking margins, disappearing of well-established companies and the emergence of new market players.
  • In consideration of these observations, the competitor analysis was to expose differentiation possibilities.
  • Based on experience in the nonwovens segment, SuP developed initial hypotheses which were then discussed in detail with the clients.
  • In addition, there were interviews conducted throughout the value chain- with machine manufacturers, customers and directly with competitors.
  • SuP identified apparent reasons for competitor success and failures which mainly stemmed from factors dealing with market presence, risk diversification and the focus on growth markets. Clear recommendations for action for a new strategic positioning were subsequently indicated.
  • In the following years, our client was able to assert and maintain its strong position within the market.
Benchmark analysis in the area of chemical distribution management as a basis for organizational planning
  • The chemical industry is currently in a state of constant change. The increasing complexity, especially in marketing and sales, is significantly diminishing margins even in the area of specialty chemicals. There appears to be an inescapable trend of strongly shifting distribution activities to both internal and external distributors.
  • Having recognized this trend, our client desired to conduct a benchmark analysis in this area in order to compare their performance to that of the competitors and to attain valuable insight.
  • SuP conducted interviews with the selected competitors in various European countries.
  • The results confirmed the trend of an increase in use of distributors. Yet, they also showed strong differences by product groups and regions.
  • The client utilized this input for the management and fine tuning of its distribution strategy throughout Europe.

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