We All Benefit from Good Questions


How does Schlegel and Partners differ from other consultancies?
We see ourselves as Market Insighters for technical questions, meaning that our work is strongly market-oriented, ultimately providing our clients with a sound basis for further strategic decision making. Our research goes beyond consulting secondary sources – we transform information into knowledge and knowledge into strategy.
Who Is a Typical Client of Schlegel and Partners?
In about 2,000 projects undertaken in the course of over 20 years, we have been able to successfully assist our clients in market-oriented investment and business decisions.
We mainly serve national clients in their international business endeavors in the fields of:
  • Agribusiness and food industry
  • Automotive and transportation
  • Chemical industry and basic materials
  • Construction industry
  • Corporate communications and culture
  • Economic and industrial periodicals and monitoring
  • Energy
  • Engineering markets
  • Medical technology and medical consumables
  • Raw materials and technical consumables
  • Textiles, nonwovens and paper
What kind of further training does Schlegel and Partners offer?
We do not leave training and further education to chance. We stress it! From the very beginning, you will be enrolled in a mentoring program which will guide you through your first 100 days at Schlegel and Partners. You will receive support from experienced colleagues and will be trained in-house – at our Schlegel and Partners Academy. We also cooperate regularly with external partners such as trainers, coaches, and language schools.
I do not have an economic or technical background. Can I still apply at Schlegel and Partners?
People from all over the world comprise our team of over 40 colleagues with various academic backgrounds: economics and engineering sciences, social sciences, psychology, statistics, chemistry, physics, etc. Experience has shown that the best results are often obtained when people with different ways of thinking, views, and backgrounds together devote their attention to the same topic. We also welcome those who are ready for a complete change and who can introduce new perspectives. Tell us about your qualifications.
Does Schlegel and Partners also offer job opportunities to candidates with a bachelor degree?
Bachelor graduates stand a realistic chance of working for Schlegel and Partners and are also encouraged to apply. Gaining several years of job experience before continuing on for a master’s degree may well pay off.
When is the best time to apply at Schlegel and Partners?
A good time to apply is one to three months before the preferred start date. However, any other time is also possible. Please, apply preferably by email.
How does the selection process work for written applications?
After having received your documents, we will review your qualifications according to the requirements of the posted vacancy. Thanks to our lean structures, you can expect an answer within two to four weeks. We will discuss the next steps in advance by telephone and will then invite you to an introductory interview.
What will happen during the interview day?
You will get to know our company and our Human Resources staff and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Depending on your desired position, you will prepare a short “real life” case study and present your results. This is not only for us to assess your skills, but for you to get a better picture of us.
Will I have to cover the cost of attending the interview?
Should you travel by train, we will cover travel expenses in economy class (2nd class) upon the presentation of your receipt. Please discuss other means of travel with our Human Resources department in advance.
Does a letter of refusal rule out my applying for a position at Schlegel and Partners again at a later date?
Sometimes, circumstances demand a very sharp positioning of an "ideal candidate". However, this profile can also change. We do not archive applications for more than three months to protect your data privacy so a new application can make good sense. Maybe it will work out the next time.
What are the chances of a permanent job after an internship?
We have several colleagues who have developed from interns to permanent employees. Should you get to know us during your time at university, permanent employment after you have completed your studies is entirely possible and we would look forward to receiving your application.