Oiling the Wheels of Industry

Raw Materials and Technical Consumables

The availability and performance of raw materials plays a crucial role in the production process.
Besides base raw materials like crude oil, natural gas and metals, many innovations are opening the door for creating new materials, which could shake the foundations of entire industries. Examples are latest developments in nanotechnology and bioengineering, but also future materials such as self-healing and shape-memory materials are making their way from the laboratory into commercial production.
With the rise of electronics and e-mobility, various relatively scarce metals such as PGM, cobalt and lithium are playing an increasingly important role and becoming enablers as well as bottlenecks for transformations in several industries.
With the peak in oil demand is just over the horizon and with an increase in the importance of sustainability, more investments are pouring into innovations in alternative materials such as bio-based and CO2-based materials, which is making them more competitive and expanding on their applications.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we know how to guide you through the new era of volatility and rapid transformation.

Selection of project examples:
  • Applications and future prospects of high performance materials such as self-healing and shape-memory materials
  • Opportunities for lignocellulose-based and algae-based materials in the chemical and construction industries
  • Market exploration cellulose nanocrystals
  • Market opportunities for a processor of bovine biomaterials in horticulture, cosmetics, mulch films and ropes
  • World precious metal markets outlook, locational factors and business plan preparation as a base for an investment decision of a precious metal refinery
  • Market structure and customer requirements in Europe for a market expansion strategy in gold semi-finished products
  • SEA’s PGM market (focus on Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia) and screening of applications in petrochemicals, agrochemicals, and pharma
  • Monthly raw materials report covering 20 materials of strategic relevance for a global industrial player
  • Industries’ dependency on future fossil fuels outlook until 2050 and assessment of opportunities for a globally active manufacturer
  • Crude oil price development scenarios and their impact on o&g and the chemical industry
  • Market trends and developments for copper slag in cement and abrasives and the identification of potential customers

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Dr. Annika Trümpler
Executive Partner

Your contact person
Dr. Thorsten Böhn
Director Materials