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Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most important global growth markets. Digitalization, new manufacturing processes and new materials will fundamentally shape and change the construction industry worldwide in the coming years.
Digitization will lead to fundamental changes along the entire value chain. Examples are additive manufacturing, building information modeling (BIM) and customization options through Industry 4.0.
With regard to new manufacturing processes, serial prefabrication of components (e.g. modular construction) and on-site automation (e.g. painting and drilling robots) will continue to prevail.
On the material side, new developments in construction chemistry, improved insulation materials, new types of composite materials (e.g. based on wood), ultra-light ('super') materials and building materials with improved carbon footprints are interesting fields of innovation.
We have been advising a wide range of companies in the construction industry for more than 25 years. Our customers include key players in construction chemistry, innovative material manufacturers and component suppliers as well as construction service providers in the areas of interior fittings and facades.

Selection of project examples:
  • Market volume analysis and substitution potential for nonwovens in the construction industry
  • Identification of potential fields of application for a new type of insulation material
  • Analysis of the market volume and substitution potential for nonwovens in the construction industry
  • Growth strategy for an interior design service provider in the DACH region
  • Market and price strategy for a manufacturer of PU insulation panels
  • Decision-making structures for interior fittings in hospitals and success factors for market entry
  • Growth strategy for a service company in the field of fire protection
  • The market for tunnel fire protection solutions in Europe

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