Find your way through the value chain for food and feed production

Agribusiness and Food Industry

The agribusiness value chain – including animals and crops farming, feed production and food and beverages processing – is very complex with an enormous variety of technologies, trends and players.

Biotech based production, next generation food fortification, food traceability, free-from products, alternative protein sources, health ingredients, clean meat, synthetic milk, enzymes, alternative sweeteners, special medical nutrition, biobased crop protection, digital farm management systems and GHG emission reduction are just a few examples for the amazing innovation and market potential agribusiness offers.

In addition, agribusiness is also a future source for various types of bio-based materials, e.g. for sustainable packaging, fuels, additives, plastics, fibers, lubricants and building materials.

Schlegel und Partner identifies your opportunities in Agribusiness.

Selection of project examples:
  • Global market potential of a novel plant-based protein source
  • Feasibility of switching to alternative yeast raw materials for a supplier of inputs to biotech
  • Country and segment growth strategy for a supplier of vitamins in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Screening of potential acquisition partners active in food coloring, flavoring and enrichment
  • World market for enzymes in bakery and animal feed (aquaculture, pig, poultry and pet)
  • Global megatrends in nutrition
  • Key decision makers and decision making process in procurement of global top 100 food and beverage companies
  • The world market and future potential for an enhancer for plant nutrition
  • Digital ag tools in crop protection, poultry and swine
  • Survey among 400 feed millers and integrators in 15 countries worldwide about customer needs and willingness to pay for a feed ingredient
  • Market perception and expectations towards feed additives in aquaculture, pig, poultry and pet
  • Space and agriculture: Build up of an expert network for digitalization in agriculture
  • The world market for human milk oligosaccharides produced through microbial synthesis (biotech)

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Dr. Thorsten Böhn
Director Materials

Your contact person
Dr. Isabelle Symonds
Senior Consultant Agribusiness and Resources