Green World

Sustainability in B2B: turning from efficiency optimization towards environmental solutions

Topics around environment, sustainability and climate change gained enormous momentum in the past months. Before, market researchers would have received raised eyebrows and a weary smile on the topic in expert interviews – now, it became top priority. Sustainability is no longer a vehicle for efficiency optimization only, but is actively pursued for necessity to take action.



Renewable energies in crisis?

Industrialization of emerging economies, continuing population growth and increasing environmental awareness are mega-trends that should sustainably increase the use of renewable energy sources in electricity generation. However, the growth of alternative technologies is stalling, and many companies are questioning whether it is still worth their while to maintain a focus on these markets.



In-depth knowledge of the energy market can significantly boost suppliers’ sales

World population growth and increasing industrialization in emerging economies are driving the global demand for energy at an unprecedented rate. In the coming years, power generation growth rates will typically lie above the industry average. Many companies will thus be well advised to develop an appropriate strategy, even if they have not hitherto been active in the energy market.



Wind Energy: Almost every new plant is a prototype

Wind energy generation is rapidly emerging as a resource efficient, low carbon and cost-effective technology around the world. Global nameplate wind power capacity increased from 17 GW in the year 2000 to 159 GW in 2010. Today, existing wind power plants have the capacity to generate about 2.5% of the worldwide electricity consumption. However, not only the total capacity of wind energy plants increased in recent years, but also the size of the individual power units. In addition, the adopted technologies still advance with enormous pace, which is a real challenge to the manufacturers in the wind industry. Schlegel and Partners supports suppliers to this industry by gaining intelligence about today’s technological requirements and future technology trends.