What customers really want

Voice of Customer Analyses

What do your customers actually think about your company, products and services? What are their expectations and desires? What do you already have working in your favor? And what areas are in need of some brushing up? Most importantly, what do you risk if you don't listen to your customers in time?

Hearing the voice of your customers means making important investments in the long-term success of your company.

Customer satisfaction only exists as a result of smart and proactive care. Don't just get by - find out how you can make a lasting impression on your customers.

We systemize customer feedback regarding product features, portfolio, service needs, current development topics, internal processes or anything else that is impacting them. In addition, we enable comparability of statements and recommend implementable measures showing you how you can increase your customer's loyalty.

Selection of project examples:

Global customer loyalty survey for a technical consumable manufacturer
  • Global evaluation of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Identification of approaches to strengthen customer loyalty through an analysis of contact points and drivers for loyalty
  • Results that led to worldwide comprehensive measures for a continued strengthening of customer relationships.
Customer satisfaction survey for a textile supplier
  • In light of a restructuring with a planned revision of the product portfolio, the customer satisfaction in the target regions of central Europe and central Asia was evaluated.
  • Specific emphasis was placed upon analyzing the satisfaction with and the expectations for the products and service features giving particular attention to each customer.
  • Improvement potential was particularly derived for the sales activities and sales staff training in the Asian region.
Online satisfaction "check" for a corporation in the machine and plant engineering segment
  • Conduction of a global online survey of approximately 25,000 B2B contacts with the goal of attaining an overview of the current perception and sentiment of each business unit within the market
  • In addition to analyzing satisfaction of criteria covering operating business, the topic of image, market positioning and loyalty drivers were also covered.
  • As an immediate result, measures were taken and organized on an individual customer level based on the loyalty indication and findings.
  • The comprehensive results gave rise to the creation of a company-wide central function to strengthen the customer relationship through tight monitoring measures.
Customer satisfaction analysis with a focus on value selling
  • After an organizational change, a mechanical engineering company attained a status quo on their customer's satisfaction through the combination of face-to-face and telephone interviews.
  • In addition to a comprehensive overview of customer satisfaction, its development over time and competitive positioning, the topic of "Value Selling" stood in the foreground.
  • The main target was the development of convincing sales arguments for a better positioning of products and services to achieve a price premium.

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