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How to sustainably grow your business? How to make a profitable investment? The answer often is achieving the right M&A deal.

We support clients on a global basis at every stage of the M&A process ensuring to find the fitting target, analyzing it and developing post-merger strategies. Schlegel und Partner is your expert for small-, mid-, and large-cap transactions in technical markets.

Key elements of Schlegel und Partner’s M&A services

  • M&A screening, incl. screening for growth markets, identification and evaluation of potential acquisition, development of buy-and-build strategies
  • Approaching targets, incl. initiation of contact and support along the entire M&A process
  • Commercial Due Diligence, incl. red flag analysis and equity story
  • Strategy plan for the time after acquisition, incl. 100 day plan and growth strategy
  • Exit strategy
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Post-merger integration, incl. market, customer and branding strategy

Examples of previously conducted projects:

Identification of attractive niches and potential acquisition targets in the medical industry
Output and benefit: Reduction to an actionable shortlist according to our client’s needs and further evaluations
  • Creation of market description: incl. market size, growth and profitability segmented by application segments
  • Deduction of shortlist of the most attractive applications
  • Compilation of a longlist of potentially attractive targets in the identified applications
Approaching and initiating the sales process of a coating company in the US
Output and benefit: Acquisition process was initiated and supported by Schlegel und Partner
  • After screening targets a refined shortlist was created
  • SuP approached those companies to check availability
  • M&A discussions were started with selected companies
Red flag analysis of digital solutions for the industry
Output and benefit: It was shown that the company had good potential to fulfill its ambitious growth targets
  • A company offering digital solutions for the industry had been offered to our client
  • Actual market needs, sustainability of the business model and awareness in the market were still unclear
  • Schlegel und Partner conducted a red flag analysis discussing these points with potential customers and market experts
Commercial Due Diligence for a leading automotive supplier
Output and benefit: An unconvincing growth story in one business segment was identified and had for years after the deal continuously been reconfirmed.
Schlegel und Partner conducted a Commercial Due Diligence with these key aspects:
  • Market size, mapping, segmentation and potential
    • Size and growth potentials of companies’ current markets
    • Business performance and sustainability
    • Drivers, retarders and trends
  • Competitive landscape
    • Market environment
    • How are the different competitors positioned and what are their strengths and weaknesses?
    • Pricing and margins
  • Positioning in the market
    • How attractive is the company’s market position?
    • Business performance and sustainability
    • What are the most important purchase criteria for customers and how satisfied are they with the company and the products delivered?
  • Business model and business plan
    • How resilient is the business model to cyclical fluctuations? (sensitivity analysis)
    • Are the company's projections realistic?
  • Investment rationale
Equity story and exit strategy for the acquisition of a company for infrastructure materials
Output and benefit: The equity story enabled the investor to get further financial support from a co-investor as well as from banks and allowed for a profitable exit
  • Subsequent to the conduction of a Commercial Due Diligence, Schlegel und Partner compiled an equity story and exit strategy for the deal
  • Clear investment story, market development and market needs were formulated alongside financial projections and potential value creation of the deal
  • Additionally, a clear exit path was developed for potential buyers of the target, including their basic principles and needed actions to make the target attractive for a secondary buy-out
Vendor Due Diligence for a highly innovative producer of Li-Ion batteries
Output and benefit: A consistent and attractive investor story was compiled for a successful sale of the company
  • Schlegel und Partner assisted in the creation of a business model for different sales channels
  • Input for the CIM was compiled and shared with the vendor
  • An independent VCDD was conducted to check general assumptions, the company’s technology and strategy of the vendor
Post-merger integration analysis regarding marketing and sales approach for a large-cap merger in the chemicals industry
Output and benefit: A clear guideline to set up marketing and sales of the acquired company to ensure customer loyalty and sustainable sales growth
  • Conduction of a Voice of Customer analysis for the separated entities to understand the status quo
  • Conduction of in-depths discussion with customers regarding hopes and expectations concerning the merger
  • Execution of internal workshops to deduct measures and an action plan to integrate the acquired company and to sustain sales and customer loyalty

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