Schlegel und Partner
Your Market Insighters®

We transform information into knowledge and knowledge into strategy

Broad spectrums, strong synergies

Benefit from our seamless combination of extensive market research across multiple industries, our interdisciplinary approach and effective implementation measures for a new standard of success.

Tailor-made analyses for individualized recommendations

  • We analyze each stage of the industrial value chain.
  • We extract in-depth insight about various markets, competitors and customer needs.
  • We reveal opportunities and risks within existing markets.
  • We identify new potentials for materials, products and customers.
  • We develop innovative strategies and concepts.
  • We accompany you towards success.
We provide the "missing link" between market research and strategic consultancy.

Our consulting services


We support clients around the
world in the review and
optimization of existing corporate
and market strategies.


Market exploration

We help identify unknown market opportunities for currently existing products, expose markets that show particular potential for growth and recommend product modifications that lead to new opportunities.


Voice of Customer Analyses

Hearing the voice of your customer
means making important
investments in the long term
success of your company.
Find out how you can make a
lasting impression on your customers.


Competitor Analyses

We provide you with valuable
market insight about your competitors,
their products and their strategies.


Communications and Culture

We support you in whatever
questions you may have regarding
corporate communications and culture
through our tried and true expertise
and distinctive sense for marketing trends.



Together, we shape your future:
Inspiration for new concepts,
identification and evaluation of
new technologies and implementation of
successful innovation processes.


Economic Periodicals

We provide short and long term economic reports for important regions, industries and market segments. Through
individualized megatrend studies, we
also uncover future
opportunities and challenges.


M & A

We support you in the entire
M&A process, including M&A screening,
approaching of target,
(Vendor) Commerical Due Diligence
and post-merger strategies.



We examine concepts, strategies and consequences of digitalization and support you in the development of
digital business models.