With its 1.2 billion people, India has the second largest population in the world.
Within the next two years, the growth of the middle class will lead to an increased demand for products and solutions, particularly for healthcare and personal hygiene products as well as transportation. At the same time, new infrastructure needs to be built, especially in India's fast growing cities. The diverse country offers a variety of opportunities for foreign companies from the technological development of agriculture to cooperations in high-tech sectors.

B2B market research in India faces linguistic challenges. A contact person in Procurement and Management can usually be addressed in English. However, when conducting interviews in Production and Maintenance, a knowledge of the national languages of Marathi, Bengali and Hindi is of great value. Identifying the right contact person takes a lot of time, since companies work with a vast number of employees and their willingness to participate in surveys is rather low.
Schlegel und Partner has both language competence and proficient experience to successfully approach Indian markets.