Development Opportunities

Personal Development through New Challenges

Throughout the last 25 years, we have experienced healthy growth together with our clients.
Whether a recent graduate or an experienced professional – you can grow together with us!

As a Junior Consultant you assume the following tasks:
  • Learn quantitative and qualitative market research and strategic consultancy from scratch
  • Condense information and transform it into applicable knowledge
  • Acquire project management skills
  • Take responsibility for your own projects
  • Interact with clients and handle CRM software
With time and growing experience, you will take on more responsibilities as a Senior Consultant. Your tasks will then include:
  • Project leadership: take on the responsibility of coordinating several projects simultaneously
  • Specialization: build upon your existing knowledge in particular industries or segments in order to take responsibility for these specific fields
  • Managerial responsibility: undertake increasing responsibility in your team
  • Proficiency: being open to our clients' needs as you identify relevant topics and actively work on fitting solutions
We cooperate with various national and international colleges and universities and support scholarships and international exchange programs. In 2015, we had 34 students from 19 nations working with us.

As an intern, you will be required to:
  • Identify relevant contact persons and companies on the internet and in selected databases
  • Assist project management with the analysis of global markets
  • Conduct telephone interviews with industry experts and associations in various languages
  • Analyse collected data and write summaries
  • Prepare presentations

Do these career options match both your interests and your qualifications? Find out here what your profile should include in order for us to fit well together.

Your contact person
Natalie Mikulic
Global Recruitment